notes on shares, 2024

notes on shares, 2024

notes on shares, 2024 - notes on items:


  • 01/14/24: things - leather bomber jacket, gr - this a dark green version of the bomber jacket by malo cashmere, also available in black and a reddish-brown. -I love how soft the leather looks. 
  • 01/13/24: things - special occasion dress - I actually always forget that ‘david’s bridal’ has more than just bridal dresses. -in fact I think I got get my prom dress from there. (many moons ago but still lol)
  • 01/13/24: things - olive classic pump - I love a nice buttery leather heel. -and actual I noted an olive color, but it’s called ‘moss’
  • 01/03/24: books - living in morocco, (stoeltie, stoeltie, taschen) - by Taschen publishing. -love love love their books. -I still have 2 of their architecture interiors books that I think I got 13+ years ago from the half-price book store. I think it’s ‘minimalist style’ and ‘french style’ (I’m actually looking right at them from across the room; I’ll verify later). -and I say 13+ years because I think it was before my son was born (I tell time for alot of things by that lol). -anyway, if it’s a Taschen book or a Phaidon book, I know I’m in for a treat. I was so excited to be able to partner with them. -this is just one of the books I bookmarked; I’ll share others along the way. 
  • 01/02/24: things - 8-unit synthesizer plugin -  so outside of violin and some other instruments, I really don’t know much about sound mixing and equipment. -here’s a description of what that plugin does from the martinic site: 
    • The Martinic AXFX AAX/AU/CLAP/VST 8-unit effect rack plugin is based on the "external" effects from our flagship AX73 synthesizer. The AXFX lets you use these 8 versatile 1980s style effects on any synth, guitar, vocals, or other audio source.
  • 01/02/24: things - dunkin hazelnut coffee - this is my first time buying this for the house I believe. I typically drink a different coffee, but it’s not sold in stores. -so this dunkin coffee will be a backup for when I need something sooner. -I’ll add my routine coffee later 


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